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Rakugo Event - Performances @ 6:30pm and 8pm

We are excited to have a celebrated Rakugo performer present 2 20 minute performances at Brooklyn Kura on April 5th. Come and enjoy this traditional Japanese artform with some American Craft Sake.

Rakugo (落語, literally "fallen words") is a form of Japanese verbal entertainment. The lone storyteller (落語家 rakugoka) sits on stage, called Kōza (高座).

Our Performer: Yanagiya Tozaburo III 

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yanagiya Tozaburo
became a disciple of master Rakugo performer
Yanagiya Gontaro III in 1999 after dropping out
of a prestigious private university. He was
promoted to the master Shin’uchi rank, in which
he himself is certified to train disciples, in 2014.
Ever since, he has performed all over Japan and
appeared in the Shoten Rakugo show and other
television programs.