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Sumo Stew @ Brooklyn Kura - Industry Night

"Industry" night at Industry City!

$10 at the door, a free sake drink, bowl of chankonabe, and bento bite, then pay as you go bar, and live streaming sumo on the big screen all night!

Inspired by a trip to Japan, photographer Michael Harlan Turkell ( returned to New York City with aspirations of importing this ancient sport and teamed up with Harry Rosenblum, owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen (, a center for culinary education. The two created a series based around plentiful bowls of chankonabe, the “sumo stew” wrestlers prepare and eat before matches. The hearty broth is loaded with fortifying protein and vegetables. This, paired with the live streamed bimonthly grand tournaments, makes for a lively event, bringing hungry first time and long-standing sumo fans ringside.