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Mother's Day Gift : Secondi & Cavern New York Skylands Candle


We are celebrating this Mother's day by collaborating with Cavern New York and bundling a bottle conditioned sparkling sake with Cavern's newest release.  

Carefully put in the bundle are: 

Secondi - A bottle conditioned Junmai Ginjo. Herbal, earthy, medium body with a pleasant bubbly finish. 

Cavern New York's NEW Skylands Candle - A newly-released fresh and herbaceous fragrance with a warm, ambery base that features key notes of LavenderMintHoney, Leather, Amber and Vetiver. Cavern's fragrances are composed in-house using premium essential oils and high quality perfume ingredients, and all candles are poured and produced by hand.  

    About Cavern New York :

    Cavern New York is a Brooklyn based fragrance studio with a focus on creating evocative fragrances inspired by the sights, sounds and memories collected while living in and around New York City.