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Sake + Manga Event Package


Anime NYC is teaming up with New York sake brewer Brooklyn Kura and Japanese manga publisher Kodansha to host an intimate evening talking about the joys of sake, manga, and how the two artforms overlap. This event will consist of a virtual Brooklyn Kura brewery tour and a talk about the wondrously eclectic world of manga, including new titles from Kodansha.

And while an online event, all participants will receive an IRL package as part of it. All participants will receive a set of three sake bottles from Brooklyn Kura for a guided live tasting during the evening as well as manga from Kodansha.

The Anime NYC x Brooklyn Kura x Kodansha virtual event ticket package is on sale now. The package is $109 USD + Shipping and limited to 30 participants.

Attendees MUST be 21+ and located in NY, DC, FL, MN. 

Sake and Manga Event Package :

  • Two (2) 375 ml namazake and one (1) limited release sake bottle.
  • One (1) 30 minute presentation and tour of sake brewing process with accompanying tasting and Q&A
  • One (1) 30 minute manga presentation with Kodansha and Q&A
  • One (1) free copy of volume 1 of What Did you Eat Yesterday

Event Details :

An Evening of Sake & Manga

Date : Thursday June 3, 2021

Time : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Medium : Zoom call