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Monthly Membership - Kura Kin


<NEXT DELIVERY - August 17th-ish> Kura Kin membership celebrates a tradition of community supported brewing. More importantly, it gives us an opportunity to bring exclusive and limited run sakes directly to your doorsteps. Every month, members will receive:

- 1 (750ML) bottle of our limited release sakes

- 1 (750ML) bottle of our classic namazake

- 10% off both online & in store purchases

- when the world permits, a brewery tour for 2 with a glass of shiboritate (annually)

Note: All orders will be fulfilled on or around the 15th of the month. Members joining on, or after, the 15th will receive their first package in the following month. You will see charges monthly on the anniversary of your order.

Note: Kura Kin memberships can not be purchased using a gift card.